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Mon 31 Jul – Fri 4 Aug, 10am – 4pm | BOOKING NOW

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Price: £160

Tutors: Andy Gregory

Booking Information:
This course is suitable for 16-19 year olds.
Lunch is not provided: please bring your own or feel free to pre-order something from our Café Bar menu on arrival.


Day 1:
Introduction to roles responsibilities and how to work safely on a film set. Introduction to the functions and features of a camera and how it works, building and setting up camera, tripod, follow focus etc. You’ll learn to rig camera; shoot inside and outside, working with exposure; and rotate through different roles with a simple scene.

Day 2:
Introduction to composition, framing and shot types most commonly used and why. Pre-production techniques: storyboarding, floor plans etc. Camera movement and different ways to achieve energy through cinematography. You’ll work from storyboards, framing shots based on storyboard panels; study different shot types, including wide, mid, CU, ECU, shot reverse; and look at camera movement — handheld, rig, zooms, tripod pans and tilts, dolly, steadicam, etc.

Day 3:
Introduction to lighting, single light source, 3-point lighting, gels and filters, reflectors. How to use light to create mood and evenly exposed shots. There’ll be practical exercises on using single light; 3-point lighting; and reflectors, filters, and gels.

Day 4:
Introduction to sound and related equipment. Recording sound in camera and using external recording source. Slating and logging shots, synching external sound. Sound effects and music. You’ll experiment with recording dialogue in different shot types and recording atmospheric and wild tracks; learn about sound effects and Foley; and consider music and ADR.

Day 5:
Shooting a scene. Rotating through roles, shoot 10 short scenes throughout the day incorporating all of the lessons learned in previous 4 days. Each scene will be designed with unique lighting, composition and framing with mixtures of indoor and outdoor scenes. Your scenes will be screened and you’ll have the opportunity to give and receive feedback.

Participants will receive a full set of hand-outs for each class, plus digital copies for future reference.

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