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Double Bills

David Fincher Double Bill

David Fincher Double Bill / 18

Fri 10 Oct, from 7pm - BOOK TICKETS
Se7en - 7pm
Fight Club - 9.30pm
Double bill tickets:
£10 (individual film tickets available soon)
Running time:
4hrs 30mins (including 20min intermission)

To celebrate the release of his latest film Gone Girl on Fri 3 Oct, we’re screening two of David Fincher’s previous films in digital restorations. First up his modern thriller masterpiece Se7en - AKA the film that made people take Brad Pitt seriously as an actor. Two detectives hunt a serial killer who acts out the seven deadly sins on his victims. We follow with a slice of cult brilliance in Fight Club. Despite a lukewarm theatrical run, Fight Club gained a huge following on DVD when word spread about just HOW GOOD IT IS. Mischief, Mayhem, Soap. What more could you want?