Cinema Bizarre


Fri 21 Oct, 8.45pm

All tickets £5.

"Poor little hysterical witch! In the middle ages you were in conflict with the church. Now it is with the law."

From October onwards The Social Cinema will be guest curating the Cinema Bizarre programme at Phoenix, and they're kicking off their tenure with Benjamin Christensen’s silent cinema classic Häxan.

Part documentary lecture, part horror film, Häxan vividly examines the real-world causes and effects of witchcraft through the ages. With a narration by beat movement maverick William S Burroughs, this is a rare chance to see a true cinematic wonder on the big screen.

The Social Cinema is a nomadic film events organisation dedicated to presenting film in alternative ways and expanding the movies beyond the screen. Their mission is to explore the outer reaches of film as well as presenting old favourites in new ways.

Dir: 1

Cast: 1

Writers: 0

Casting: 0

1 1922, 77mins

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