Screen Talk: In the Director's Chair

Sat 3 Aug, 10.30am – 5.30pm

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Tutors: Bill Clark

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This course will run 10.30am - 5.30pm on Sat 3 Aug, 2019.
You must be 18 or over to attend.


Join us as we take a closer look at the role of the film director, exploring the purpose, method and art of film direction, and the alchemy of turning a script into the finished product.

We’ll investigate the differences between directing for modern forms of screen distribution, looking at the building blocks of cinematic storytelling and the impact and influence modern consumer trends and demands will have on the industry’s style and technique.

The course will consider film direction for specific media, and how the relationship between the completed piece and its audience is affected by the size and screen ratios of its delivery.

Using expert analysis and illustrations and examples drawn from the work of acknowledged game changers of filmmaking, we’ll trace the development of technique as technology and sociology became more sophisticated.

The course will provide a platform for debate and understanding of an art form whose success depends on the blending of myriad skills – from the visual to the manipulative.

Course breakdown:

10:30   Welcome and introduction
10:45    Part 1: The Language of Cinema –a medium that creates stories which are shown, not told
The fundamental differences behind creating something people expect to watch for free and something that they would expect to pay for. The history of cinematic storytelling, from silent masterpieces told on epic scales to modern subjective observational narratives created on miniature technology. The distribution choices available to the modern filmmaker. Designing the film for that medium.
11:30    Discussion on Part 1
12:00    Part 2: The Building Blocks of the Creative Process – the script and the talent
Is the story driven by its visuals or its dialogue? Are its characters dependent on their setting or their interaction for their drama? And how will the audience’s expectations of the completed piece be shaped by their chosen method of consumption? Is that important? Should the filmmaker be hampered by practical expectations and realities?
12:45    Discussion on Part 2
13:30    LUNCH
14:15    Part 3: The Elements of Direction
Creating the vision, deciding the style, the constraints and opportunities provided by screen ratios, the look and lens selection, breaking down the narrative, holding onto the character arcs – storyboarding – shot listing etc. Creating the film in the head before creating it on camera.
15:00    Discussion on Part 3
15:30    BREAK
15:45    Part 4: Convergence
How does the development of larger domestic screens and Netflix/Amazon and interactive models affect directing?
16:30    Discussion on part 4
17:00    Conclusions
Further reading / watching / thinking.
17:30    End


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