A child plays a foil and cardboard piano at the digital playground

The Digital Playground

26 - 28 May 2018
The Digital Playground takes on a musical theme this year, with a host of activities exploring the world of digital sound and music making.

Come down to our Digital Playground to play, learn and invent with brilliant new creative technologies.

There’s a musical theme this year, with a host of interactive art installations, activities and short films exploring the world of digital sound and music making. Best for children aged 3-13

Illumaphonium is a one-of-a-kind, giant multi-player musical sculpture – made up of more than two hundred illuminated chime bars – that ripples with ever changing patterns of light and sound.

Created by musician and inventor Michael Davis.

With a tuneful thread running throughout this selection of short films, we’ll take you on a musical adventure that spans various countries across the globe. Expect your toes to be tapping with Japanese animator Hoji Tsuchiya’s kaleidoscopic animated music video for the fantastic Uri Nakayama, whilst Fill and Moo take us on a colourful journey through film history with their magical film projector, which includes a comical take on the Gene Kelly’s Singin’ in the Rain. Put your dancing shoes on for this one; you’ll be grooving away in the isles.

Make tunes by hunting augmented reality objects with Catch Me if You Can, play in our Ototo Band or try out Virtual Reality in our Interact Labs.

Each day there’ll be a different free digital making workshop –
Saturday – Event with Ototo, the little keyboard that turns everything into a musical instrument.
Sunday – Draw simple shapes and see them tranformed into computer based ‘pixel art’
Monday – Sing or rap your own robot song or story and hear your voice turn robotic

The Digital Playground is part of The Spark Festival 2018’s City Playground