Balloon 12A

Mon 29 Jul – Thu 1 Aug


Two East German families who build a hot-air balloon to try and escape to West Germany during the Cold War.

Purchasing the cloth in different towns to avoid rousing suspicion and sewing over a million square-metres of fabric in secret, after a botched first attempt the families become increasingly desperate to try again as they come under increasing surveillance from the East German secret police.

A tense, gripping thriller based on an incredible true story.

One of July's MyPhoenix Passport film selection. Members and Friends tickets are £5 – buy your tickets from Box Office to take advantage of this special pricing

Dir: Michael Bully Herbig

Cast: Friedrich Mucke, Karoline Schuch

Germany 2018, 125mins

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Mon 29 Jul 2019

Tue 30 Jul 2019

Wed 31 Jul 2019

Thu 1 Aug 2019

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