Japan Foundation

Blindly in Love 18

Tue 19 Feb, 8.15pm


Kentaro (Gen Hoshino) is an introverted thirty-something man, drifting through life without much ambition. Unassertive and socially inept, he has no friends to speak of and whiles away his days in his boyhood room playing video games and caring for a pet frog.

Concerned for their son, Kotaro’s mother and father attend a matchmaking event in the hopes of arranging an omiai (formal marriage interview). They finally find a beautiful bachelorette, Naoko (Kaho), and are surprised to discover that she is blind. Naoko’s father, a high-earning salaryman is adamant that Kotaro is not the right fit but, despite this hurdle, the two singles meet and begin a tentative romance. Will their love survive?

Masahide Ichii’s tender romantic drama gives centre-stage to the frustrating dilemma of wanting to grow up, but not knowing how, and illustrates the current issue of an increasing number of eternal bachelors in Japan.

Dir: Masahide Ichii

Cast: Gen Hoshino, Kaho

Japan 2013, 117mins


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Tue 19 Feb 2019

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