Mother 35mm 15

Sat 30 Dec, 5.15pm


At once nail-bitingly tense and brimming with humanity, Korean director Bong's (Memories of Murder, Okja andThe Host) terrific film picked up the Asian Film Awards for Best Film, Best Script and Best Actress.

This taut, unsentimental, Hitchcockian (and for once this really applies) dissection of a mother defending her son at all costs remains consistently unpredictable right up to its supremely satisfying climax. When Kim Hye-ja's nameless mother of the title discovers her 27 year old son, suffering from learning difficulties, has been arrested for the murder of a young girl, she obsessively sets out to track down the real killer and prove her son's innocence at all costs.

Worth the admission alone for its life-affirming book-end dance sequences, this is a tour-de-force from a filmmaker at the very top of his game. This gripping blend of thriller and melodrama took Bong's already considerable skills as a filmmaker to a whole new level.

Dir: Bong Joon-Ho

Cast: Hye-ja Kim, Bin Won

South Korea 2009, 130mins


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