Noblemen TBC

Wed 3 Apr, 7.45pm


In her debut film, director Vandana Kataria fearlessly grapples the monstrous culture of an elite boys’ boarding school in India.

The boys are abuzz with excitement over the Founder’s Day production of The Merchant of Venice. Drama teacher Murali takes a shine to Shay and casts him in the lead role, while bully Baadal is relegated to understudy – and he resolves to take Shay’s role at all costs.

What unfolds is tantamount to Shakespearean tragedy as battling egos and toxic masculinity lay waste to childhood innocence and lead to humiliation, murder, and revenge.

Hindi and with English subtitles

Dir: Vandana Kataria

Cast: Kunal Kapoor, Ali Haji, Mohammed Ali Mir

India 2019, 109mins


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Wed 3 Apr 2019

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