North Korea Exposed 12A

Fri 4 Aug, 7.30pm


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“North Korea is a big world problem” says Trump. And with the country making Headline News every day, there has rarely been a more important time to hear the truth about this paranoid state. With the tension being ratcheted up daily, it’s now the world's most significant story; one that may affect us all. Ignoring North Korea is not an option.

Jeremy Hunter, photojournalist and former TV News and Current Affairs producer/reporter, entered the country just before the death of Kim Jong-Il, The Dear Leader, to attend and photograph "ARIRANG" - an epic propagandist spectacle staged outdoors in Pyongyang in the world's largest stadium, featuring a meticulously choreographed socio-realist display before vast backdrops created out of tens of thousands of hand-held flip charts.

North Korea (DPRK) is the most isolated nation in the world, probably the most brutal and certainly the most secretive. Robert Gates, former CIA director, considered the country to be "the toughest intelligence target in the world”.

In 60 minutes, Jeremy Hunter utilises much of the country’s actual propaganda (its printed media, posters, portraits, monuments etc) as well as his own photographs from his reportage throughout DPRK, to shine a light into this darkest corner of the world and gives an extraordinary account of daily life in one of the strangest states on earth.

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Fri 4 Aug 2017

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