Peterloo 12A

Fri 2 – Thu 15 Nov


"★★★★★ – With this richly intelligent, passionate movie Mike Leigh has fought a brilliant rearguard action on history’s political battlefield " – The Guardian

Mike Leigh (whose Mr. Turner is the most popular film ever screened at Phoenix) makes his return to the big screen with Peterloo, a historical epic that feels vital for our times.

On 16th August 1819, 80,000 people gathered in Manchester to demand parliamentary reform and better rights for the working class. When the local magistrate ordered the 15th Hussars Cavalry to charge the crowd, the resulting tragedy proved to be a pivotal moment in British history; acting as a catalyst for change and leading to the formation of The Manchester Guardian newspaper. A stunning biopic on protest and power, the ensemble cast includes notable turns from Maxine Peake, Tim McInnerny and Rory Kinnear.

Dir: Mike Leigh

Cast: Maxine Peake, Tim McInnerny, Rory Kinnear

UK 2018, 154mins

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