Skate Kitchen 15

Fri 19 – Thu 25 Oct


Documentary filmmaker Crystal Moselle (The Wolfpack) transitions into narrative cinema with Skate Kitchen, a sublime film set in a small skating community in New York.

A bored and lonely teenager, young Camille's (Vinberg) life changes dramatically when she befriends a group of New York female skateboarders and discovers both the excitement and sense of belonging she’s been missing in dull suburbia. With a cast of actual (and ridiculously good) skateboarders, this sublime ode to youth and rebellion feels authentic, vibrant and vital.

Dir: Crystal Moselle

Cast: Rachelle Vinberg, Nina Moran

USA 2018, 106mins

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Tue 23 Oct 2018

Wed 24 Oct 2018

Thu 25 Oct 2018

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