UK Premiere

The Dark Maidens 18

Tue 6 Feb, 6.30pm


Join us at Phoenix for the UK Premiere of Seiji Yakumo's high-school-set thriller.

When high school pupil and literarture club president Itsumi plunges to her death from the school roof, rumours soon begin to spread that one of the club’s members is the killer.

Itsumi’s friend – and the club’s new chairman – Sumikawa gathers the club together and asks each member to explain where they were at the time of Itsumi’s death.

But who is telling the truth and who’s got something to hide? And what really did happen to Itsumi?

Dir: Seiji Yakumo

Cast: Fumika Shimizu, Marie Iitoyo

Japan 2017, 102mins


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