The Disaster Artist 15

Fri 15 – Thu 21 Dec


James Franco directs and stars in this brilliantly funny new film, based on the book by Greg Sestero about his time involved in the making of The Room - a notorious 2003 film known as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies” that has become a huge cult favourite and gleefully celebrated as the worst film ever made.

Determined to make it as an actor Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) meets Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) - an enigmatic actor who claims to be Greg’s age although he’s clearly at least 10 years older and claims to be from New Orleans despite clearly having an East European accent - and the two move to LA to make it in Hollywood. Deciding to make their own film they begin work on “The Room” but Greg struggles to deal with the increasingly peculiar Tommy.

Whether you’re aware of The Room or not this is a laugh-out-loud treat, a tale of bad dialogue, bad acting and two men tied together in chasing their dreams.

Dir: James Franco

Cast: Dave Franco, James Franco, Jason Mantzoukas

USA 2017, 104mins

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