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★★★★ – The Upcoming

"★★★★ – a celebration of someone who lived life on their own terms and an exhortation to the audience to try to do the same" –

Ralph Fiennes returns to the director’s chair for the third time after 2011’s Coriolanus and 2013’s The Invisible Woman for this riveting account of ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev's defection to the West, written for the screen by David Hare.

Beginning with his birth on a Siberian train in 1938, the film revisits Nureyev’s early impetuous days and his tutelage under ballet master Alexander Pushkin (Fiennes), all building towards the fateful day of his defection in Paris 1961.

Newcomer Oleg Ivenko (himself a prominent Russian dancer) captures the intensity, skill, and single-mindedness of the charismatic Nureyev; reflecting how a lifetime of rebellion and ambition influenced his radical decision.

Dir: Ralph Fiennes

Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Oleg Ivenko

UK/France 2018, 120mins

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