Tully 15

Fri 18 – Thu 24 May


"★★★★ – Charlize Theron shines in witty and poignant tale about motherhood" – The Independent

From the director and writer of Juno, Tully is a very funny and bracingly honest look at the crushing exhaustion of new parenthood. Marlo (Theron) is on her last legs looking after her two young children, newborn baby and man-child husband.

When her brother offers to gift her a “night-nanny” so she can get some sleep Marlo is resistant, but when the charismatic Tully (Davis) arrives the two women begin to bond. Can Tully help Marlo see the positives in motherhood and herself?

Dir: Jason Reitman

Cast: Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis

Writers: Diablo Cody

USA 2018, 94mins

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