British Silent Film Festival

ABC in Sound TBC

Thu 12 Sep, 11.45am

To celebrate the rediscovery, after 86 years, of Lazlo Moholy Nagy’s ABC in Sound (1933) we look at the roots of the experiments in sound film from the earliest days of film into the era of modernist art film. Moving image arrived on the scene in a maelstrom of electrical, chemical and mechanical innovation as the 19th century turned to the 20th. Artists and scientists responded to it in many ways combining image sound and colour.

When it became possible to record sound as an image in the 1920s there was a flurry of experiments with ‘drawn’ sound tracks - images that made sound, sound that triggered images – combinations of media; moving image, radio and art leading to bold, beautiful and frankly bizarre experiments in film form.

Presented by Bryony Dixon.

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