All My Friends Hate Me 15

Mon 27 – Thu 30 Jun

"★★★★ – a pressure cooker of social awkwardness" – Time Out

"★★★★ – Cult status awaits Tom Stourton’s dark ‘Evil Richard Curtis’ comedy" – Evening Standard

"Ferociously witty" – Variety

"Tightly paced and slickly composed" – New York Times

Pete (Tom Stourton, Man of the Hour) is heading for a reunion with his friends from university to celebrate his 30th birthday. When he arrives, Pete’s spirits are high, but then a creeping sense of dread consumes him – is it possible that all his friends do in fact hate him?

Rolling up to his posh pal’s country mansion, Pete is eager to catch up and share with his best friends his experiences volunteering at a refugee camp. But when he finds they’ve picked up mysterious stranger, Harry (Dustin Demri Burns), at the pub the weekend takes an unexpected turn.

With all the tension of a horror classic, Andrew Gaynord’s comedy thriller derives its scares from Pete’s crippling burden of self-awareness, to explore the anxiety and paranoia familiar to many of us.

Dir: Andrew Gaynord

Cast: Tom Stourton, Charly Clive, Georgina Campbell, Antonia Clarke

UK 2022, 93mins

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Mon 27 Jun 2022

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