Arica PG

Sat 21 – Sun 22 May | Tickets from £5 (+50p admin fee)

Lars Edman & William Johannson’s stirring documentary, fighting one town’s cause on two continents. In the mid-1980s, Swedish mining company Boliden facilitated a deal to dispose of their toxic waste nearby to a small town called Arica, in Chile.

Following on from their 2009 documentary Toxic Playground, this story is surprisingly personal; Lars Edman was born in Chile, but grew up in Boliden, the town the company is based in and named after.  Here he delves deeper into who is responsible for this environmental and humanitarian disgrace, the waste containing high levels of arsenic and lead still poisoning the community as the case is taken to Sweden to seek justice for the hundreds affected.

The Sat 21 May screening will also include a Zoom Q&A with the filmmakers following the film.

Dir: Lars Edman, William Johannson

Sweden 2020, 97mins

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