Battle of Amritsar 15

Fri 5 Aug, 6.30pm & Sun 7 Aug, 6pm | Tickets £8 (+50p admin fee)

A soulful exploration of a momentous event in Sikh history, this new documentary connects viewers with the spirit of Sikh sangarsh (struggle) embodied by the Panth’s jujharoos (warriors), looking to the Battle of Amritsar as a guiding light to the future rather than a painful memory of the past.

Based on interviews of those present throughout the battle, the film takes a deeper look at what the Battle of Amritsar means for the Sikh panth through the eyes of those who witnessed and participated directly.

While many documentaries and videos have been produced about the momentous events of June 1984, many have been plagued by the influence of state propaganda or have focused on outlining the technical details and sequence of events leading up to the battle.

Instead, this documentary stands out as one which goes much deeper than merely seeking to justify or contextualize Sikh resistance.

Interlaced with powerful archival footage, a traditional Sikh soundscape, and soul-piercing poetry, this film is an artistic tapestry that seeks to capture the soul of Sikh resistance.

Facing myriad similar challenges and provocations today, the film revisits the Battle of Amritsar from a Sikh perspective to learn from those gurmukhs (Guru-oriented beings) about how to face our situation today with similar clarity and fortitude.

Punjabi with English subtitles

Dir: Shamsher Singh

UK 2022, 156mins

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