British Silent Film Festival

British Silent Rarities TBC

Fri 13 Sep, 10.45am

A selection of comedies and dramas from the 1910s and early 1920s, recently digitised from nitrate originals by the Archive Film Agency and unseen in the UK for decades.

A Merry Night is a drunken comedy with some disorientating special effects, The Nervous Curate and The Curate’s Double both feature hapless clergymen- always good for a joke, as are henpecked husbands, in Mr O’Kelly Takes His Missus to Southend.

Part II of the programme changes tone and features H.B Parkinson’s A Tale of Two Cities (1922) and The Oath (1921) made as part of Fred Paul’s ‘Grande Guignol’ series.

Introduced by Laraine Porter.

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British Silent Film Festival

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