Casablanca Beats 12A

Fri 13 – Thu 19 May

"★★★★ – Inspirational music teaching drama is pure pleasure” – Evening Standard

★★★★ – CineVue

A joyful, exuberant journey through real-life conflicts in the Casablanca district of Sidi Moumen, Morocco. Featuring a cast of non-professionals playing fictionalised versions of themselves, Casablanca Beats has the perfect storm of youth, music and rebellion to inspire and invigorate us all.

Filmed in the cultural centre that director Nabil Ayouch co-founded in 2014, a group of young people enroll in a music programme called Positive School of Hip Hop, lead by former rapper Anas. During preparations for a concert, conversations turn to the issues and cultural difficulties the students are facing and how they can express this with their multitude of talents.

Empowered, they take their new-found abilities on to the streets, finding that belief and inner-strength are some of the most powerful tools in the fight for change.

An eloquent critique on Moroccan society with political depth and rich lived experience, painted with the vibrant colours of creativity and self-expression.

Moroccan Arabic with English subtitles.

Dir: Nabil Ayouch

Cast: Meryem Nekkach, Anas Basbousi, Nouhaila Arif, Ismail Adouab

MOrocco/France 2021, 101mins

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Wed 18 May 2022

Thu 19 May 2022

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