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Chungking Express 12A

Tue 27 Jul, 6.45pm | SOLD OUT

"★★★★ – Wong's dreamlike tone and Doyle's stunning cinematography make this strange love story a joy to watch" – Empire

Chungking Express, Wong Kar-wai’s response to the police action films that dominated Cantonese cinema in late 80s and early 90s, returns in a glorious 4K digital restoration approved by Wong himself.

Two policemen, a woman in a blonde wig and an obsessive waitress cross paths in the ever-moving metropolis in this story of love and heartbreak in the city of Hong Kong.

Released in 1994 during Wong’s break from his wuxia epic Ashes of Time, Chungking Express has become widely acclaimed by cinephiles with celebrity devotees including Quentin Tarantino who released the film on his US label.

Dir: Wong Kar-wai

Cast: Bridgette Lin, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung, Faye Wong

Hong Kong 1994, 98mins

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