Great Big Green Week

Ferngully: The Last Rainforest U

Tue 21 Sep, 4.30pm | All tickets just 50p

Robin Williams gives a trademark fun and zany performance as Batty and Tim Curry is unforgettable as maleficent villain Hexxus in this charming and heartfelt family film that was ahead of its time in its environmental themes and pioneering use of computer generated imagery alongside traditional hand-drawn animation.

For the magical sprites that inhabit the rainforest humans only exist in fairy tales. At least that is what Crysta believes until she is caught by a young logger named Zak. Using her magic, she frees herself by shrinking him down to sprite-size. As Zak experiences the forest from his new perspective, he comes to see its wonder and joins the fight to save Ferngully from the loggers and a toxic force known as Hexxus.

With its enduring environmental message, beautiful animation and brilliant voice cast, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest is a ‘90s blast of nostalgia to savour, whether revisiting it years later or discovering it for the first time.

Screening as part of our Great Big Green Week season, in partnership with Leicester City Council.

Dir: Bill Kroyer

Cast: Samantha Mathis, Robin Williams

Aus/USA 1992, 76mins

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