Film School 18

Thursdays, 5 May – 30 June, 7pm – 9pm

Award-winning filmmaker and director Keith Allott (Badshoes Film) leads our annual 8-week practical introduction to filmmaking, taking you step by step all the way from pre-production planning through to the final edit of your film.

We will look at using the camera and what shot types cause what effects with an audience; capturing good audio and treating it; editing, edit pacing and the effects it has; and how music can change the mood of your film completely.

Course Breakdown:

Week 1:  Intro to filmmaking and the course

Week 2:  Planning and pre-production

Week 3:  Using the camera

Week 4:  Shot types and mise-en-scene

Week 5:  Capturing audio

Week 6:  Editing and post-production

Week 7:  Post audio and music

Week 8:  Entering film festivals and final recap

The course will be delivered in-person at Phoenix.

Capacity is limited to 9 participants to enable social distancing.

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Thu 5 May 2022

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