Get Out 15

Fri 15 Nov, 10.15pm

"★★★★ – chilling satire of liberal racism in the US" – Guardian

Across the course of our ten years there are probably a handful of films that felt like a true cultural moment... and the scathing and scary Get Out is one of them.

Young African American photographer Chris travels to his girlfriend Rose’s family estate. Although nervous about meeting her upper class white family, Chris is welcomed with open arms. But there’s something rotten in suburbia – the servants too creepy, the family friends too friendly – and Chris needs to get out before it’s too late.

Shot in 23 days on a tiny budget ($4.5m), Get Out was the break-out success of 2018 – even becoming the subject of political commentary and social-media memes. The film's writer-director Jordan Peele is the first African American to win the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, as well as the first African American to be nominated for producing, writing and directing in the same year.

Dir: Jordan Peele

Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams

USA 2017, 102mins

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