Hollywood Will Eat Itself: Movies About The Movies 18

Sat 18 Jan, 10.30am – 4pm

There is a famous shot in Cinema Paradiso – a close-up of a child’s face, the shifting lights of the film he is watching flickering over it. It speaks to the magic of cinema, the transportation we feel when gathered in that room, in the dark, to be told a story.

And for many years, filmmaking itself had a kind of mystery to it – it was something that happened in a far-off mythical land, where superhuman creatures known as “stars” gathered and sorcery was undertaken.

Over the decades in which cinema has developed as an artform, however, this view has shifted somewhat. Filmmaking is still a world unto itself, but its one we’ve prodded at, picked at and harvested for stories of its own.

This course one-day course, led by tutor Kenton Hall, aims to look at the films that have been made about films and filmmaking and ask the question: “Why are these stories worth telling?”

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