Holy Motors 18

Sun 17 Nov, 3.05pm

"★★★★★ – a gripping surrealist odyssey" – The Guardian

Once seen, never forgotten! Carax’s bonkers and brilliant film delighted and disgusted audiences in equal measure on its release in 2012 – watching it on the big screen is an experience not to be missed!

Over 24 hours a shadowy being moves from host to host, like a cold and solitary assassin carrying out one hit after another.

In each of these interwoven lives, the being possesses an entirely distinct identity: sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, sometimes youthful, sometimes old – by turns murderer, beggar, company chairman, monstrous creature, worker, family man.

Dir: Leos Carax

Cast: Denis Lavant, Edith Scob

Fra 2012, 113mins

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