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Intro to Genre Filmmaking: Comedy 12-15

Sat 22 May, 10am – 4pm

Learn the essentials of comedy filmmaking in this one-day course, the first in a new series of genre filmmaking courses for young people aged 12-15.

The term ‘film genre’ is used to describe a certain way of making films, each with its own basic rules on style, mood, setting and storytelling.

During this course you’ll learn about the trappings and conventions of the comedy genre from our expert tutor Keith Allott, including a practical demonstration of filmmaking techniques essential to comedy films. We’ll then ask you to film a short scene putting what you’ve learned into action, before showcasing what you’ve made to the group.

The course will take place online, with teaching and tutor demonstrations in the morning, followed by a hands-on self-directed filmmaking task in the afternoon, and a final session online where everyone can share what they’ve made. Tutors will be available throughout the day for advice and support.

Participants will need access to a laptop or tablet for the taught sessions, and a tablet, smartphone or digital camera for the filmmaking activity.

Other sessions in our Intro to Genre Filmmaking series will cover Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror.


You can book for individual sessions if you want to learn about one particular genre, or attend the whole series. Individual sessions are £15 each, but you can book all 4 sessions for the discounted rate of £50. (Note: Discount applied at checkout. All 4 sessions must be booked in the same transaction.)

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