Online course

Introduction to Short Film 18

Tuesdays, 13 – 20 Apr, 7pm – 9pm

Short film is to feature film, as the short story is to the novel – a distinct medium that is not a compression of the long-form, but an individual and unique style of storytelling.

Join us for this introductory course that will explore the development of short film and its place within the industry, and look at some of the most influential shorts including The Red Balloon, La Jetee, Frankenweenie and Hotel Chevalier.

Course breakdown:

Week 1: The early days of short film

Week 2: Modern shorts and their place in the industry

Using Zoom, the course will deliver expert tuition, film clips and group discussion – all in the comfort of your own home.

Places can be booked online only. Access details will be sent to participants by email shortly before the first session.

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