Queen & Slim 15

Fri 28 Feb – Thu 5 Mar

"★★★★ – Tackles urgent, difficult subjects with bravery, care and adrenalised genre cool" – Empire.

"Lovers on the run are to die for" – The Times.

Causing a mini-sensation on its release in America, Melina Matsoukas’ debut feature is a stylish, provocative story of race, love and escape.

Out for dinner on a first date, Slim (Kaluuya - Get Out, Widows) and Queen (Turner -Smith) are pulled over by a policeman for a minor-incident, but when the situation spirals drastically out of control the two must go on the run - hunted across the country by law enforcement but heralded as outlaw heroes by some in the black community.

Dir: Melina Matsoukas

Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Turner-Smith

Can/USA 2019, 132mins

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Fri 28 Feb 2020

Sat 29 Feb 2020

Sun 1 Mar 2020

Mon 2 Mar 2020

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