Real 15

Mon 19 – Thu 22 Oct

“An optimistic, tender film with more authenticity in its little finger than plenty of films by more experienced directors” – Guardian

"★★★★ – unusually refreshing and again, without over-playing the word, satisfyingly real" –

"Real feels like an industry calling card. Watching it seems like a privileged glimpse into the career of a star to be – The Upcoming

In inner-city Portsmouth, sparks fly between Kyle (Aki Omoshaybi) and Jamie (Pippa Bennett-Warner). But as their relationship blossoms, secrets from the past resurface and threaten to break them apart.

This homegrown micro-budget film is a tender, believable and touching portrayal of a working-class couple, based on writer/director and star Omoshaybi’s own experiences.

Dir:Aki Omoshaybi

Cast:Aki Omoshaybi, Pippa Bennett-Warner


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