Short course

Realism in Cinema 18

Sat 24 Jul, 10.30am – 4pm

Join tutor Connor Winterton for this fascinating one-day course exploring the history of realist cinema in Europe and North America.

Looking at key cinematic movements such as Italian Neo-Realism, British Social Realism and Dogme 95 (Danish Realism), we’ll consider what ‘realism’ means, the techniques involved, and realism’s impact on audiences.

Key films that you’ll discuss throughout the day include Bicycle Thieves (Vittorio De Sica, 1948), The Celebration (Thomas Vinterberg, 1998), I, Daniel Blake (Ken Loach, 2016), and 120 BPM (Robin Campillo, 2017).

Course breakdown

10:30   Introduction and ice-breakers

10:45   What does it mean for a film to be ‘realistic’?

11:00   Italian Neo-Realism (1940s)

11:45   British Social Realism (1960s and beyond)

13:00   LUNCH

13:45   Danish Realism and Dogme 95

14:30   French Cinema, Realism and Sexuality since 2010

15:15   American Realism of this Century

16:00   FINISH

This one-day course will take place in-person at Phoenix.

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Sat 24 Jul 2021

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