Richard Jewell 15

Fri 21 – Tue 25 Feb

"Clint Eastwood Shows Us How Great Movies are Made"  – Observer.

This new film from Clint Eastwood is a slick and gripping thriller, based on a real incident at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Dealing with drunken revellers during the celebrations in Centennial Park, Jewell noticed a suspicious package under a bench and evacuated the area before it exploded. Richard is heralded as a hero, but suspicious FBI officers begin to get suspicious. Did he just get lucky? Or did this wanna-be police officer plant the device himself?

Dir: Clint Eastwood

Cast: Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell

USA 2019, 131mins

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Sun 23 Feb 2020

Mon 24 Feb 2020

Tue 25 Feb 2020

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One to watch

As one of this year's big award winners, this film really is unmissable.

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