Solidarity 18

Wed 30 Oct, 7.30pm

Please note, the screening time has been changed to 7.30pm (not 8pm as advertised in the brochure) to accommodate the Q&A

"It’s when she interviews female members from activist groups and unions who formed relationships with undercover police that Solidarity acquires a deeper heft, its hitherto simmering threads now boiling to the surface." – Eye for Film

Blacklisting in the UK construction industry impacted thousands of workers who were labelled 'troublemakers' for speaking out and secretively denied employment. Activists uncovered alarming links between workplace blacklisting and undercover policing. Solidarity follows meetings between activists and law students, brought together for the film, revealing the determination of a community working together to find a route to justice.

Lucy Parker’s debut film features workers blacklisted for their involvement in trade union activism — initially labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ — who experienced paranoia, poverty and relationship breakdown until 2009 when the Blacklist Support Group was formed to obtain justice. In Parker’s film a community is gradually built while her camera silently follows the group discussions to examine the case and the protection of our rights.

The film will be followed by a Q&A and panel discussion including director Lucy Parker, producer Kate Parker and local groups.

Dir: Lucy Parker

UK 2019, 76mins

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