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Wed 20 Nov, 1.20pm

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★★★★★ – The Guardian

Ken Loach returns after 2016’s I, Daniel Blake with another excoriation of modern life in Britain.

The Turner family in Newcastle are in trouble. Dad Ricky gets a new job as a delivery driver but finds his every minute controlled by the company’s demands; meanwhile his wife Abbie is a carer, struggling to look after her patients in the face of budget cuts.

Stuck in the nightmare of the zero-hours economy, Ricky and Abbie try to keep their family together – hoping for a better future but knowing that something has to give. An impassioned, damning, and deeply moving film.

Dir: Ken Loach

Cast: Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood

UK/Fra/Bel 2019, 101mins

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