The Audition 15

Fri 15 – Thu 21 Apr

"Weisse's gripping, cool-blooded drama upends all manner of inspirational-educator clichés" – Variety

Anna Bronsky is perfectionist, every bow that is pulled and string that’s plucked seems to have meaning to her beyond music. Her performing career was over before it began, and now in her position as teacher at a high-pressure music school, she lives vicariously through the talents of her students.

In a group of potential new students, Anna spots a reserved young boy and chooses him as her star pupil. The pressure builds, and her son becomes jealous of the attention her student receives. This fraught drama entwines Anna’s personal and professional life, resulting in a crescendo to finish.

Dir: Ina Weisse

Cast: Nina Hoss, Ilja Monti, Simon Abkarian, Jens Albinus

Germany/France 2019, 99mins

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