The Evil Dead + The Exorcist (Director's Cut) Double Bill 18

Sat 23 Oct, 7.15pm | Nearly sold out

“A benchmark of modern horror” – Total Film

Sam Raimi’s cult horror classic is one of the greatest low budget films ever made. A distinctive, demonic vision, The Evil Dead’s singular style - expressionistic direction, freestyle tracking shots, tour de force practical effects - has won it legions of fans and ensured a thriving legacy, even 40 years after it was first released.

A group of college students’ trip to the woods goes badly awry when they find a mysterious book and recording in an old cabin they’ve rented for the weekend. Unwittingly unleashing an almost unstoppable demonic force from the surrounding forest, the group find themselves fighting for their very lives.

“★★★★★ – This movie doesn’t rest on the screen; it’s a frontal assault” – Roger Ebert

The Exorcist created a storm when it was released in 1973. Amid protests against the film and people fainting in screenings, it was a box office sensation.

Regan, 12 year-old girl, is befallen with a strange affliction. As she grows more unpredictable and even violent, her mother comes to believe Regan has been possessed by a mysterious entity. In a desperate bid to save her daughter, she turns to her last hope - Father Damien Karras, a troubled priest who is struggling with his own faith.

Hailed as the greatest horror film of all time by critics such as Mark Kermode, The Exorcist set the bar for practical special effects and remains a visceral, gut-churning experience to this day. Presented here in the director’s cut edition with over 9 minutes of extra footage.

*Please note there are no ads or trailers and the films will start promptly at the times below:

Running order

7pm - Doors open

7.15pm - The Evil Dead

8.40pm - Break (25mins)

9.05pm - The Exorcist

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Sat 23 Oct 2021

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