The Lighthouse 15

Fri 14 – Thu 20 Feb

"★★★★★ – A film that will make your head and soul ring" – Telegraph

★★★★★ – Independent

★★★★★ – Guardian

"★★★★★ – As intoxicating and visceral as a sweat-soaked fever dream" – Empire

Prepare yourself for The Lighthouse, one of the most original and daring films released this year.

Two men are stationed to a remote lighthouse in New England in the 1890s. Both men have their secrets, and both start to lose their minds in the isolation.

With fantastic performances from Pattinson and Dafoe (both chewing their way through florid period dialogue and Dafoe channelling Gregory Peck’s Captain Ahab) and captured by visionary director Robert Eggers (The VVitch) in gorgeously grainy black and white; The Lighthouse is a Nor'easter storm of guilt, madness, lust and violence, coiling its jet-black tentacles around you and dragging you down to the depths.

Dir: Robert Eggers

Cast: Willem Dafoe, Robert Pattinson

Can/USA 2019, 109mins

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