British Silent Film Festival

The Midnight Girl + Toni Double Bill TBC

Sat 14 Sep, 3.15pm

The Midnight Girl

Adapted from the successful Broadway musical of 1914, this charming comedy most notably boasts the talents of Marie Pagano in one of her few lead roles as a nurse-come-stage performer who catches the eye of a wealthy patron of the arts.


Jack Buchanan is superb in this little-known comedy where he plays the depressive Toni, whose doctor diagnoses ‘idleness’ and recommends more excitement and danger. Another patient, a celebrated detective who bears a striking resemblance to Toni, is diagnosed with exhaustion and told to rest.

The two swap places but Toni’s first client turns out to be an exiled princess whose jewels are about to be stolen by a ruthless gang and the amateur detective finds more thrills than he bargained for.

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