The Road Dance 15

Mon 20 – Thu 23 Jun

"★★★★ – A quietly powerful and moving period drama" – HeyUGuys

"A heartfelt, nostalgic film" – Guardian

The raw beauty and arresting landscapes of the Outer Hebrides provide a dramatic backdrop to Kirsty’s journey into womanhood. Isolated and wild, the island village is bound by strict religious beliefs, and has a strong sense of community that proves resilient in the face of trauma.

Despite the adversity that comes with island life, hope prevails to overcome the grief felt in the villagers’ hearts. Though grief is at its core, seeing young men conscripted for World War I and those left behind facing their seclusion all the more, The Road Dance is primarily a story of strength and community.

Dir: Richie Adams

Cast: Hermione Corfield, Will Fletcher, Mark Gatiss

UK 2021, 116mins

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