UKAFFL Double Bill

The Temple / The Square Circle + Javed Iqbal 18

Sat 7 May, 7.30pm

A double bill of our short film showcase The Temple & The Square Circle, alongside the new harrowing thriller Javed Iqbal: An Untold Story of the Serial Killer.  


Dir: Nick Virk

UK 2021, 18mins

Rehal’s love for Arul is unreciprocated, but Arul believes they can still be friends. One morning over breakfast, the two discuss finding acceptance as brown queer Londoners. They share a cultural understanding of being ostracised by the white heteronormativity of British society, and yet the fundamental differences between them threaten to destroy their friendship.


Dir: Usha Sharma

UK 2021, 30mins, Urdu and English

After Alisha, a British Muslim girl, is pictured kissing her girlfriend, her family are ashamed of her lesbian identity. Alisha is kept in isolation and punished for disgracing the family honour. Her father gives her a choice: she can either marry her cousin and move to Pakistan, or meet with a holy man who will exorcise the demon that lives within her.


Dir: Abu Aleeha

Pakistan 2022, 1hr 36mins, Urdu with English subtitles

Banned in Pakistan, this harrowing film recounts one of Lahore's most notorious serial killers is brought to life. Javed Iqbal recounts the true story of a criminal who abducted and murdered over one hundred young boys between 1998 and 1999.

Please note: films without BBFC certification can only be screened to over 18s. This does not necessarily indicate that the films contain adult content.

Dir: Nick Virk, Usha Sharma, Abu Aleeha

UK / Pakistan , 189mins

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