William Castle

The Tingler 15

Fri 25 Oct, 9pm

"★★★★ – boasting the single whackiest premise of any horror film ever made... delivered with a mostly straight face by the plummy Price" – Empire

Two of cinema’s greatest schlock masters unite for this highly gimmicked B-movie that is perfectly pitched at Vincent Price’s mischievous camp.

Director William Castle invites the audience to scream for their lives- it is your only defence against THE TINGLER, a hideous creature that manifests from fear itself. The only way to vanquish it is to release your fear in a blood-curdling scream. Price stars as a pathologist obsessed by fear, who will stop at nothing to prove his shocking theories. The closer he gets to succeeding, the more risks he is willing to take…

Join us for a special screening as only William Castle would have wanted… Phoenix guarantees: the tingler WILL break loose in the theatre while YOU are in the audience.

Dir: William Castle

Cast: Vincent Price, Judith Evelyn

USA 1959, 82mins

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William Castle

This film is part of our mini-season celebrating horror director William Castle.

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