The Wall of Shadows 12A

Sat 14 – Mon 16 May

★★★★ – Sunday Times

Dramatic documentary featuring breath-taking vistas, centred on the east wall of the Khumbakarna mountain. Filled with atmospheric shots of stunning landscapes, the story hinges on an encounter between a young Sherpa boy and an experienced mountaineer.

A group of western climbers arrive in the Himalayas intending to scale the eastern wall of the holiest of mountains, and though advances in alpinism have made the idea possible, local support and knowledge are paramount to their success. A Sherpa family agrees to break the taboo and guide them in order to help pay for their son’s education, in spite of the fear of facing the wrath of the Gods.

English, Russian, Polish, Nepali with English subtitles.

Dir: Eliza Kubarska

Poland/Germany/Switzerland 2020, 94mins

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