Film + Q&A

Tikli & Laxmi Bomb

Thu 22 Mar, 7.45pm

Aditya Kripalani’s best selling novel set in Mumbai red light area is about a jaded sex-worker Laxmi who has developed has a deep seeded loyalty towards the pimp Mhatre.

When Mhatre brings a young and rebellious Putul to be taught the ropes, Laxmi realises things need changing. Together they get to be known as Tikli & Laxmi Bomb and start off a mini revolution.

They set up a system for women, run by women, in which the final customer is a man but the women run it the way they want and in almost total control.
Winner of the Best Feature Award, Berlin Independent Film Festival

Film followed by Q&A with Aditya Kripalani, director.

Dir: 1

Cast: 2

Writers: 0

Casting: 0

1 2017, 148mins


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