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Turkish Star Wars - SOLD OUT

Wed 19 Sep, 8pm

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A VERY rare chance to see director Çetin İnanç's 1982 film on the big screen and for FREE!
Notorious for the ways in which İnanç edited footage from Star Wars into his own film without permission, along with music from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Flash Gordon; "Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam" (its original Turkish title, variously known as Turkish Star Wars / The Man Who Saves the World elsewhere) is the “holy grail” of remakesploitation cinema.

Warmly regarded as one of the worst films ever made, the plot revolves around two Turkish space pilots who crash-land on a desert planet enslaved by an evil wizard. Memorable sequences involve the heroes battling robots inspired by Battlestar Galactica and Forbidden Planet — plus mummies, skeletons, and multi-colored yetis. Another sees them in starfighter “cockpits,” wearing motorcycle helmets, as footage from the Star Wars Death Star battle is projected behind them.

For many years, the film circulated only in low-resolution bootleg copies, but in 2016 a 35mm print of the film was discovered, and a digital scan has been made so that the world can finally see the film the way it was intended!

Dir: 1

Cast: 1

1 1982, 91mins

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