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Fri 20 – Thu 26 May

"★★★★★ – In terms of scope, ambition and execution, it's one of the finest pictures Noe's made" – Guardian

"★★★★ – profoundly moving" – Total Film

★★★★★ – The Upcoming

★★★★ – IndieWire

Father (Dario Argento) and Mother (Françoise Lebrun) share their Paris apartment with the thick fog of a rich life lived and memories made, though she cannot recall it all due to her worsening dementia, and he is haunted somewhat by it, his heart condition plaguing what will be his final and likely unfinished work - a book exploring links between cinema and the unconscious. Mother spends her days writing prescriptions, an echo of her work as a psychiatrist, and longing to go ‘home’, though she is reminded by their son Stéphane (Alex Lutz) that that is precisely where she is.

Sublime acting and a striking split-screen framing reminds us constantly that our two protagonists are together in their love for one another, but alone in their respective journeys, battling themselves daily. A heartfelt, painfully personal piece that through its relentlessness could touch even the coldest of hearts.

French with English subtitles

Dir: Gaspar Noé

Cast: Dario Argento, Françoise Lebrun, Alex Lutz

France/Belgium/Monaco 2021, 140mins

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