World War II on Screen 18

Sat 30 Jul, 11.30am – 5pm

In this, the second instalment of our war on screen series we turn our attention to World War II. Kenton Hall will be looking at contemporary and classic films about the conflict, the people who experienced it and the way it changed the world.

From a dramatic perspective, World War II is often seen as the conflict with the most readily identifiable heroes and villains – a titanic struggle of good over evil. This is particularly reflected in the films made during the war itself, although the power of cinema was used equally as propaganda – on both sides – as much as it was a vehicle for storytelling.

The almost incomprehensible horrors of the Holocaust have, rightly, continued to be examined via film – as a way of trying to understand the worst sides of human nature, but also as a reminder that unless we learn from that history, those horrors could well be repeated. Films such as Schindler’s List and Downfall in particular, stand as important lessons about events that are not as long ago as sometimes we seem to believe.

Course Breakdown:  


11.30am – Introduction

12pm – WWII on Film (Documentary footage)

12.30pm – Films contemporary to WWII

1pm  – Effect of cinema on the perception of WWII and allegories about the war

1.30pm  – Lunch

2.30pm  – Revisitation - Modern films about WWII

3.30pm  – Reinterrogation -  How do films about specific wars reflect on subsequent wars?

4.30pm  – Conclusion

5pm  – End

This course will be delivered in person at Phoenix.

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Sat 30 Jul 2022

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