Shooting Jesus – Silver Screen Saviours 18+

Sat 23 Mar, 11.30am – 5pm
Join tutor Matt Page for this one day course exploring how filmmakers have been adapting the life of Jesus for the last 125 years, negotiating the tricky terrain between faith, art, commerce and entertainment.











Duration: 330 mins

Certificate: 18+

From The Greatest Story Ever Told to Life of Brian; from The Passion of the Christ to Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter, filmmakers have been adapting stories from the gospels for over 125 years.

This one day course led by tutor Matt Page follows the story of Jesus on film, from the early silent passion plays to the million dollar, crowd-sourced, multi-season series of today, taking in a wide variety of approaches including musicals, comedies, science-fiction, the avant-garde and, of course, biblical epics.

It will feature filmmakers from six continents with a range of religious perspectives (including none at all) and explore how they have adapted the greatest story ever told, negotiating the tricky terrain between faith, art, commerce and entertainment.


Price: £20 / £20 conc / £18 Members

Tutor: Matt Page

Booking Information:

This one day course will run at Phoenix on Saturday 23 March 2024, 11.30am – 5pm

You must be 18 or over to attend.

Member discount available.

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We do not offer refunds for cancellations of bookings, except in exceptional circumstances. In the event that an advertised course is withdrawn, we will endeavour to give 7 days’ notice and a full refund will be made.

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Matt Page has been writing and presenting on cinematic adaptations of the stories of the Bible for 20 years. He's given numerous talks on the subject and featured in several podcasts including "The History Film Club" as well as appearing on Channel 4, The History Channel, BBC Radio Leicester and Radio 4. Matt has contributed to numerous edited volumes and his book "100 Bible Films" was published by the British Film Institute in 2022.