Gender, Sexuality and The Horror Genre

Sat 26 Jan, 10.30am – 4pm

Price: £16

Tutors: Connor Winterton

Booking Information:
This course will run 10.30am – 4pm on Saturday 26 January 2019.
You must be 18 or over to attend.


The horror genre has almost always been decidedly gendered, using a set of recurring tropes and conventions such as the ‘final girl’, the ‘scream queen’, the masked male killer, and so on. From the 1978 films Halloween and I Spit on Your Grave through to the latest instalment in the Halloween series, this one day course will explore how horror films – namely the slasher horror, the paranormal horror, the ‘rape revenge’ film and the ‘body horror’ – represent gender and sexuality, and why gender and sexuality are so integral to these films, their popularity, and their effect.

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